What is Your Web Effectiveness Score?

Website Design and Development

A detailed overview that measures how effective your current website is

Web Effectiveness Score

How does it work?

The radar chart above is an example of the final overall score for a fictitious website (yourwebsite.com).

It shows a simple summary in one glance of the relative strengths and weaknesses of the six key areas that make up an effective website:

  • Quality Accessible Content

  • Search Engine Friendliness (SEF)

  • Inviting the Crawlers

  • Keyword Research

  • Build Your Links

  • Spread the Word

In the example the overall score is 34.3% and the yellow coverage shows that Quality Accessible Content and Invite the Crawlers are stronger where Build Your Links and Keyword Research are the weakest.

How do we arrive at the overall score?

You will be provided with detailed results of each of the 57 indicators that make up the overall score.

This includes a practical set of Actions split into:

  • Short-Term (actions possible to implement within 48 hours)
  • Medium Term (achievable within 2 weeks)
  • Longer Term (within 2 months)

You can choose to implement these actions yourself, discuss with your web designer or ask Easykey to implement.

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