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Introducing the CMS Web

What is CMS?

Content Management Services (or CMS) describes the ability to manage the content of your own website. There is no need to wait and pay for the web designer to edit your website pages. With a simple username and password login we give you access to update your site from any computer that can access the Internet.

Who does this package suit?

If you want a website that:
  • Has information that needs to be updated regularly and instantly (at least once a month - say almost daily)
  • Could grow into hundreds of pages
  • Has one or more people who updates it
  • Allows various levels of access (e.g. updates need approval before public etc)
  • Is updated by people who have no knowledge of code
Then the CMS Web package is the best fit.

Key benefits of this package:

  • A professionally designed Look and feel of your website
  • Update your website via a simple login
  • Give other users a login so you can collaboratively edit the website
  • Built in options e.g. Blog, Message Boards, Events Calendar, Search your website
  • Website automatically optimised for Search Engines such as Google
  • Domain Name Registration / ongoing renewal
  • Email addresses on that domain
  • Support in setting it up
  • Ongoing help and advice
  • Unlimited, Reliable, Fast server space for a website
  • Regularly Updated Firewall, Hosted in Secure DataCentre, SSL Server

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