Be honest, is your website looking a little dated?

Be honest, is your website looking a little dated?

Website Design and Development

Unhappy with the effectiveness of your website?

Perhaps it’s time for a facelift to freshen up your website with new vitality.

Here’s a random selection from our quality website checklist.  Some of them may seem tiny issues but add them all together for a significant edge to your website.


Your website should take full advantage of big screens, yet adjust shape to suit different tablet sizes and smartphones.  The text on a phone should be nice a big so there is no need to zoom in. For a fuller explanation see - What is a responsive website?


Nobody should get lost on your website.  The menu should use a clear large font, contrasting to background (e.g. light on dark or dark on light).

The navigation should signpost where you are on the website with an obvious active colour and it should stay visible at the top even when scrolling down long pages (like this one)

Sub-menu choices should be clearly visible.

Clean optimised code

Avoid using ‘build your own website’ products that create poorly optimised code.  Clean code helps your website load much faster, it’s easier to index by Search Engines (such as Google) and far more secure from hackers.


Does your website have a working favicon for all the popular browsers?  A favicon is the tiny little icon you see on the tabs of your browser or when you save a favourite or shortcut to a website.  So you should see the distinctive letter 'e' for easykey on this page.  As the icon is tiny, it should not be too fussy yet easily recognised as your brand.

Phone Number

Is your phone number clearly available on every page of your website?  We suggest one clear number and avoid using a Mobile number.  You should be able to tap it on a smartphone to call.

Does your website have a CUSP?

A Compelling Unique Selling Proposition... read more here

There's more... when we build a website we work through a list of over twenty quality checks.

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