Most people are not interested what’s under the bonnet of their car until it breaks down

Website Tips

Have you ever wondered why some websites and email services are more reliable than others?

Rolls Royce

Reliant Robin 
You can physically see the difference between these vehicles
However most people never see their Web Server

What is a Server?

In the context of this article, a Server describes a special computer that is configured to provide services such as Hosting (a rented space for your website to exist on the Internet) and Email services where your emails are collected and delivered to you.

What is a Dedicated Server?

To put it simply a Dedicated Server is dedicated to one Company so that only their customer websites or email accounts exist on that server.

Cheap hosting services often use Virtual Private Servers (VPS). In effect it means you can be sharing the server with many other unknown people from anywhere in the world. It could be a hobbyist in China or someone in Russia playing with experimental code to SPAM people. It is quite common for you to experience disruption to your services as others draw on the resources of the server with massive SPAMming programmes. Or even worse one of your unknown shared customer’s website might be hacked and attempt to infect your website and email services with Malicious Spyware or Viruses.

Typically the server software is outdated, hosted abroad (USA, India or Germany) full of security holes and inflexible.

What are the Benefits of Easykey Managed Dedicated Servers?

  • Reliable and Fast

  • Your Website keeps running (even if thousands of people visit it at once)

  • Safe and Secure from Hackers

  • More flexible services tailored to your needs

  • Dedicated to one company (e.g. Easykey customers only)

  • UK based (Our Servers are in a state-of-the-art facility in the UK)

We use several dedicated servers configuring separate servers for the email services as distinct from hosting your website. The Servers are proactively monitored, regularly updated and backed up every week by our dedicated server team keeping them secure and performing at optimum levels. You can enjoy the peace of mind that your Hosting solution is in safe hands, at all times.