An email pretenting to come from

Computer Safety

Please find below details of an email pretending to come from that attempts to trick you into giving away your Amazon login details (otherwise known as 'phishing')

Subject: Update Your Account

Body text...


Dear Amazon Customer,

Thank you shopping with us. Unfortunately there's a problem with your account. Please verify your account information to us. If you dont verify your account information we have to close your Amazon account.

Please verify your account on below: 

Verify Account

Our customers security is everything. We will not share your any information to another company. Your information safe and secure with us



Please not reply this email.

What should you do with the email?

Do one of the following:

1. Open a new e-mail and attach the e-mail you suspect is fake. Note: Sending this suspicious e-mail as an attachment is the best way for Amazon to track it. ...


2. Forward the e-mail to