Outlook Hints and TipsIf you intend to send an email to many recipients consider some etiquette before sending.

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Many people have figured out how to send an email to many email addresses with a ; (semi-colon) or use the To button to add lots of addresses in the To or Cc fields.

However if you think about it, any one of those recipients can click Reply to All and instantly send an email to a ready made mailing list. The giving away of everyone’s email address to all and sundry could be considered as bad manners and if any one of those recipients was a little unscrupulous might even harvest those email addresses for other purposes such as SPAM.

It would only take one of the recipients to have a computer infected with Malware or a Trojan virus and hey presto all email addresses could be harvested for lots of annoying SPAM or online threats.

So how can I send one email to many people without giving away everyone’s email address?

The answer is to use the Bcc (Blind Carbon Copy) field. Any address placed in this field will be hidden from view to recipients. So if you put all your email addresses in the Bcc field no-one receiving the email will see anyone’s email address and it will be marked To ‘Undisclosed Recipient’

I can see the To and Cc field – but I cannot see a Bcc field.

Create a new email and then click on View in the menu bar at the top. Select Bcc Field and hey presto there it is.

Some people do not seem to get Emails sent as Bcc

Unfortunately there are some particularly crude and aggressive SPAM filters out there that may view an email sent without any address in the To field as dubious and therefore SPAM. If this is the case you could try including your own email address in the To field (after all you are giving everyone your address by sending the email). Also some ISPs (notably BT Broadband) sometimes put limits on how many people you can send one email to. If this is the case you might try sending in batches of less than 20 recipients per email.

I get a message "Too Many Recpients"

Most email providers restrict how many recipients you can send one email to

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