Professionally designed Email stationery offers you the following advantages:

Outlook Tips
  • Distinctive Company Branding

  • Ready-made contact details

  • Clickable links

  • Email size remains small

  • Can be installed on iPhone/iPad

  • Individualised Emails

  • Legal Requirements

Here is an example of an Email Signature

Email Stationery Example 1



If you have spent much time, effort and money sorting out the branding, colour scheme and logo for your business cards, letter-heads and compliment slips - why not continue the branding into your email? This makes your emails stand out from the crowd and instantly recognisable.

Make it easy to Contact You

Your email stationery can contain all your vital contact details incorporated into a professionally designed layout. This makes it easy for your recipient to phone you, or even find your office.

Clickable Links

Your email stationery can contain clickable links to your website - or a collection of links to particular sections of your website. This drives more traffic to your website and provides the recipient of your email with really easy one-click links to particular products or services you wish to highlight.

Emails remain small

As the images within your stationery are actually stored on the Internet (and not embedded in the email) it keeps them message size to a minimum keeping mailboxes small.  It also means you can use eye-catching logos and images when sending emails from your iPhone or iPad

Individualised Emails

We can individualise each email with unique contact details like Name, Mobile, Email etc. whilst maintaining the overall branding style of the company.

Legal Requirements

Since 1 January 2007 it became a legal requirement to state the type of company you are quoting the Company Number and Registered Trading Office where appropriate. This information can be added to your emails in a subtle uncluttered way and adds credibility to your emails..


Email Stationery Example

Email Stationery Example 1


Email Stationery Example 2


Email Stationery Example 3


Email Stationery Example 4


Email Stationery Example 5


Email Stationery Example 6


Email Stationery Example 7


Email Stationery Example 8

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